I love social media. I love how it’s changing the way we consume things and interact with brands. I really love how it gives a voice to the underdog, allowing everyone to form meaningful connections with their audiences.

That’s pretty much what I do... I help brands connect with their audiences on social media, even if they don’t have Big Brand Budgets.

I do this by working with brands to develop a social media strategy, plan ideas and/or produce content. I write really neat copy, too. I’ve done this in-house, freelance and agency-side (which is to say I’m adaptable and have lots of experience).

Clients include Valery Demure, Sounds FamiliarVoodoo Ray’s, The Breakfast Club, Peckham Springs, Miista, Dance Tunnel, The Fold London and more. You can have a look at my CV here.

Mostly based in London, often with the creative team at YRS TRULY.


e: ella@thewrongkind.com

Monday Nov 5 2018